The Darkside of Clairvoyance

Public often misunderstand the word ‘clairvoyance’.

Making your choice of medium is not the easiest thing.

The choice is made, in most cases through word of mouth or even internet reputation. However, opinions are scarce or even non-existent.

Because of this, many people are often disappointed with ‘clairvoyants’…

I will explain how to make your choice.

1st The Differences:

Regarding sensitive, auditory, clairvoyant, pure mediums and so on… For people, it is often complicated to choose.

There are also birth mediums… (Why? Can we have a gift that triggers at 40?) A Gift is always at birth, whatever the Gift.

When we say pure medium… Why? Are there impure mediums?

It does not mean much, for me we are simply mediums.

2° How to Test a Real Medium

The test for a real medium is quite simple, give him a photo of a living or dead person, a place, a first name or an object.

If he really has a gift, he must be able to describe the personality, character or other details of the person or place to you. Without you talking to him.

Of course, he must be able to do it on you…

Only after this little test, you can trust him and ask your questions...

This test is international.

Clairvoyance is not an exact science, it is sometimes necessary to be lenient with people who exercise honestly, it can happen to be wrong on certain small points.

We are humans first and foremost...


Communication with the deceased

I can communicate with the deceased, all I need is a photo or an object that belonged to the person.

People very often confuse spiritualism, automatic writing and communication with the afterlife

Most people have been confronted with spiritualism at least once in their lives. It is a call to the spirits with the risk of attracting wandering, lost and fallen souls. It's not something to do...

Automatic writing can be dangerous if you don't have a gift... You never know who you are communicating with. Some spirits can pretend to be what they are not...

Only a true medium can communicate with the afterlife. To have a gift is to be adorned with a "filter" to know with whom we communicate, this is generally done with a photo, an object or in a very specific place.

Open Soul

There are several kinds of entities:

1. Wandering Souls

There are two kinds of wandering souls.

Souls who do not want to cross to the other side (go to the light to be at peace) because they are attached to a place or a person.

Souls who do not understand that they are dead, or who refuse to admit that they are dead.

A real medium is able to help them move towards the light.

2. Lost Souls

These are the people who ended their lives. For these souls, it is very complex to make them leave for the light. They usually roam the place where they committed suicide.

They can disturb a place or people who are at the scene of the drama. These places are very loaded with negatives...

3. Fallen Souls

These souls are the so-called "poltergeists". They are bad entities

These were originally bad people who caused a lot of harm around them.

These are the ones that frighten and feed on fear.

They have only one purpose...

Other manifestations:

Some supernatural manifestations do not come from entities...