Open Soul

  • There are several kinds of entities :

     1. Wandering souls

  • There are two kinds of wandering souls.

The souls who do not want to spend the other side (go toward the light to be at peace) because they are attached to a place or a person.

Souls who do not understand that they are deceased, or who refuse to admit that they are dead.

A true medium is capable of helping them go toward the light.

     2. Lost souls

These people have put an end to their days. For these souls, it is very complex to toward the light. They wander in general to the place where they committed suicide.

They can disrupt a place or people who are in the place of the drama.

These places are very negative…

      3. Fallen souls

These souls are the ones known as “Poltergeists”. They are from bad entities.

These originally were bad people who have caused great harm around them.

These are those who frightened and which feed on fear.

They have only one goal…

  • Other manifestations :

Some supernatural manifestations are not entities…