The Darkside of Clairvoyance

Public often misunderstands the word ‘clairvoyance’.

Make his choice is not the easiest thing.

Choose a medium, in the most part cases through word of mouth or even internet reputation. However, opinions are scarce or even non-existent.

It was for this, many people are often disappointed with the ‘clairvoyants’…

I will explain how to make your choice.

1 ° The Differences:

•The fortune-tellers do that read and interpret cards; it’s possible to learn it.

•The clairvoyant are those who use the cards to support and have a few flashes.

•The mediums, it is the gift of communication with the afterlife, they work with media such as photos of people living or deceased, of places, an object, or a simple name.

When you see auditory and sensory, perceptive, pure mediums and so on… For people, it is often difficult to choose.

There are also births mediums… (Why? Can we have a gift that fires 40 years?) A gift is always of birth, regardless of the gift.

When we say pure medium… Why? There are impure mediums ?

This does not mean much, for me it is medium simply.

2 ° How to test a true medium

The test for a true medium is quite simple; give him a photo of a person living or deceased, to a place, a name or an object.

If he really has a gift, it must be able to describe the personality, character or other details of the person or place. Unless you were talking about him.

Only after this small test, you can trust him and ask your questions…

Of course, he must do it on you …

This test is international.

Clairvoyance is not an exact science, it must be sometimes indulgent with people who perform honestly, this can happen to be wrong on some small points.

We are only humans…